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Research and Development is in our DNA

We bet on innovative Japanese technologies, adapting them to the reality of Brazilian crops.


For 59 years, IHARA has worked side by side with the farmer, developing new technologies that help protect the productive potential of the most diverse crops. With more than 80 products in the portfolio to serve more than 100 different crops, our purpose is to solve the day to day of the farmer in the field and contribute to the progress and competitiveness of Brazilian agriculture.


IHARA is in a NEW ERA in crop protection, betting on releases that will make history in the management of the main crops and offering unprecedented technologies in its portfolio as never seen before, and with a new structure to meet the challenges of the market.


This is only possible thanks to our Japanese origin, which not only guides our principles and values, but also makes us the main bridge between the technologies developed by our Japanese shareholders, who are the largest developers of molecules in the world, and the Brazilian farmer.


We are very proud to be on this soil, constantly working to keep our agriculture among the largest on the planet.


With creativity and a pioneering spirit, we will make Brazil the largest agricultural country in the world.



Contribute to ensuring that agriculture's productivity continues to feed and power the world.


Be the most innovative company in crop protection solutions, combining our technology and creativity with the highest quality and value.


Our beliefs and values ​​inform our strategies and decisions, guiding our behavior. We are attentive and open to changes and will make the necessary changes, always with the noblest feelings.

We have a reason to exist. Our Beliefs and Values ​​have high dimensions: Our Planet, Our Country, Our Company and Our People, which express our desire to serve our customers with excellence.


The world will need more and more food. We will always respect natural resources in our quest for productivity. Everything is interconnected: Land, Water, and Air are humanity’s greatest assets. We will have the utmost responsibility in the way we treat them. Feeding the world while preserving these assets is true sustainability.


We are the “owners” of this country. We believe that Brazil is the most viable alternative to feed the world. We put all our energy into this noble mission. We promote creativity and innovation. We believe that science and technology can solve Brazil’s productivity challenges.


We believe that through ethical, humble and engaged conduct we can exceed and surprise the expectations of interested parts. Great achievements do not happen overnight, they result from the sum of small achievements made consistently, with determination and courage. What matters is the sustainable results. We share and celebrate our achievements, strengthening relationships and immediately seeking new challenges. We develop solutions for agriculture. We work to serve farmers as they are the reason for our existence. We are a Research and Development company. Innovation and strategic alliances cooperate with these goals. We are united as a family, and we live each for all. Our strategic moves are concerned with the collective. We respect the knowledge acquired through experiences as well as theoretical knowledge. In any matter our decisions are based on loyalty, justice, courage, love and humility, in this order. We are responsible for our company, our brand and our image. We are proud of our 'IHARA Way of Being'.


We are IHARA because we chose to be that way! We cultivate the spirit of ownership of the business in each employee. We are responsible for our choices. Our people are our greatest asset. Excellent people with great results and a desire to grow are recognized and rewarded accordingly. We dream big. We believe that human capacity is unlimited, and we always challenge ourselves. We believe in leading by example. We evaluate our leaders for the quality, altruism and engagement of their teams. We select and train people to be better than us. Trust is the foundation of our relationships. Our people deliver results by acting with integrity, loyalty and justice, respecting the law and moral principles. We have humility as a principle. We value the ability to listen, differ and express yourself respectfully. We value respect. We respect people, society, laws, the environment, diversity, in other words, life in all its forms. We seek for people with initiative and creativity, and we cultivate them as a high value. We are excited. We are dedicated to work with energy and passion, finding satisfaction and pleasure. When working is pleasure, the responsibilities are fulfilled naturally. Our people are passionate about challenges. We have the business owner spirit, which is reflected in our actions. We are committed to our goals and face challenges with joy and courage. Mission given is a mission accomplished. * The success story of Mr. Inamori and Kyocera’s philosophy were the basis for laying down IHARA’s Beliefs and Values.


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